Monday, January 31, 2011

Raymond Central Places 1st and 2nd in KAN-AM

Electric car racing is something new to KC Speedway. The first race was run in 2008, canceled in 2009, and was conducted again this year on October 11.  It was a rainy day, however, the rain subsided at and the race was run. Races are one hour and you must see how many laps you can make on the 1.5-mile tri-oval track.  The two cars from Raymond Central placed first and second in the experimental car division by using solar energy boards on their cars. The first place car was driven by Darrin Pecka in car A57 with Dylon Marshalek in S55 came in second.  As of now Raymond Central is already planning on building a new lighter and faster race car for next year.

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  1. The teams looking good Mr. Henderson. Glad to see power drive is still at raymond central after all this time.

    Sean M Dickey