Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Reports

S55- Since our last report S55 has been doing pretty good. At Columbus the breaks were dragging and it placed 2nd. The next race the rear ratio was figured incorrectly and again it placed 2nd. The Hastings race there with still minor brake problems however we won the race. The brakes are being disassembled and realigned.

A57- At the Columbus race the brake cable became pinched in the cable guide and it placed 3rd. But the problem was corrected and we placed 1st at West Point and Hastings. We will be practicing manuverability and braking in preparation for the Hastings and Omaha Finals.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you all at the next race!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update 3/31/11 -Race Tomorrow in Columbus!

S55- This last month has been a time for finish work and testing. Our newest entry has innovations we have not done in the past. For example the car is narrower, has two rollbars, and a smaller scooter rear drive wheel. Our first big test will be tomorrow at the Columbus Race.

A57- Bodywork and painting have been completed in the last two weeks. Testing was also done to see how we stand on amp draw vs speed. New tires are now in place and ready for our first race tomorrow in Columbus.

Hopefully we will all see you in Columbus! Thanks for reading.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Powerdrive Updates!

S55- We have completed the steering and solved other front end problems of the S55. A new motor was found on EBAY and is now mounted and running well. The rear wheel adapter is nearly completed. Test runs will be starting next week.

A57- The body cracks were repaired and the rear wheels were trued and balanced. The body will be scuffed for painting which will be done some time soon.

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Monday, January 31, 2011


(Austin paints the real wheel.)

(Wade works on the front brakes.)
S55- The Raymond Central Power Drive Team has been hard at work creating the new S55. They made a new frame from scratch. They had to bend the pipes and weld them together to make the new frame. They have done it all from the frame to painting the rims. A lot of hard work and time has gone into making this car.
This will be a new beginning for the car. The old S55 that was driven by Dylon Marshalek placed 2nd in the KAN-AM at the KC Speedway.


(Darrin works on making the canopy.)
A57- The Raymond Central Power Drive Team has been hard at work doing body work and repairs on the A57. They have been fixing cracks on the body and have made a new canopy for the car. They have also made changes to the car so that the driver has more room in the car.
This year is the second year for A57. The car placed 1st in the KAN-AM at the KC Speedway. The car was driven by Darrin Pecka.

Raymond Central Places 1st and 2nd in KAN-AM

Electric car racing is something new to KC Speedway. The first race was run in 2008, canceled in 2009, and was conducted again this year on October 11.  It was a rainy day, however, the rain subsided at and the race was run. Races are one hour and you must see how many laps you can make on the 1.5-mile tri-oval track.  The two cars from Raymond Central placed first and second in the experimental car division by using solar energy boards on their cars. The first place car was driven by Darrin Pecka in car A57 with Dylon Marshalek in S55 came in second.  As of now Raymond Central is already planning on building a new lighter and faster race car for next year.